Interactive Tools

[Author: Bill Fischer]


Testing our work during the development process will maximize the universal quality of the media we create. Choosing the right digital tool each test is important, but nothing can replace actual user testing in the field.

An old car from the 1950s with a snow plow attached to its front bumper.r

Testing Web Media Attainability

Web content should be fast loading on 3g networks, respond to every device size, and be usable on phones. Over half of all page views on the internet are from mobile devices. Below, are three tools to help you with assessment.

Website CReation Software

There are two low-code site builders that I have experience with and they are listed below. These website building tools write compliant code, but it remains up to the designer to make smart choices in imaging, layout, color, alt tag writing and proper use of headers to achieve an accessible site. If you are using a different site-building tool, you can test their themes for compliance using the attainability and usability tools listed on this page.

  • Has been a leader in ensuring its site building software writes compliant code. When choosing a third-party theme, look for those that build-in accessibility. KCAD-DAD prefers the Elegant Themes Divi theme that come with the Divi visual builder plugin. We also install the Divi accessibility plugin, which continues to update the accessibility capabilities of the Divi theme. It passes WCAG 2.1 requirements out of the box and allows site building from a blank canvas.

New Google Sites

  • Is the most efficient and easiest tool for building compliant websites. It's free and I built this site with it.
  • It is very limited in customizability.

Adobe Animate

Usability Tools

WCAG Accessibility Checkers

NVDA Screen Reader

Mac's VoiceOver screen reader