About I-See-U

[Author: Bill Fischer]

What It Is

I-See-U is a Production Design Framework For Visual Media that supports and facilitates design citizenship. It is an acronym that means Inclusive, Socio-Emotional, Entertaining, and Universal.

I-See-U is authored by KCAD Faculty, Bill Fischer and the concepts herein are his intellectual property. However, some of the examples used are from media created by our talented team of KCAD (Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University) students, faculty, and collaborators as part of The EPIC Project at KCAD (external link).

Engage with I-See-U

About L.E.A.D.

At Leadarts.org Bill Fischer asks and answers the question; how can we change the roles of artists and designers from producers to leaders? … By reimagining our role in society, updating curriculums, redefining cultural responsibilities, and positioning design as the start of everything. And, by employing a socio-emotional science that can drive art to move people, society, and culture beyond reaction to action. This is how we lead.

About The EPIC Project

Through The EPIC Project at KCAD (external link), we have collaborated with experts in universal design, neurodiversity, education, entertainment media, and minorities in media to explore, develop and test digital and physical products. That action has included maximizing information retention, increasing empathy towards disenfranchised populations, taking steps to seek to improve one's mental health and improving attentiveness through joyful learning. Our projects are research driven and executed by collaborative teams of experts and end-users. We leverage brain science concepts and the knowledge we have acquired through the execution of over 40 projects that have been engaged by over 200,000 people.