Speaking and Workshops

Bill is available for speaking and workshops centered around the topics of inclusive, socio-emotional, entertaining, and universal art and design as well as art and design citizenship. Contact Bill for a planning meeting: Bill_Fischer@i-see-u.info.

How color design can often limit inclusive access to media and products for persons with color and sight deficiencies, and how that can be avoided by implementing universal design methodologies.

Techniques for creating colorful, decipherable images for color-blind and sight-impaired persons. 

Moving Beyond Accessible and Towards Universal Interaction Design.

Legal requirements for accessibility as they apply to state and federally funded games and the important differences between accessible and universal design.

Gain an understanding of the difference between accessible and universal design, and its integration into educational games.

A demonstration for delivering ADA compliant, accessible content for cognitive, sight, and hearing impaired persons using Google Sites. 

Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University: Human Centered Design Lecture

Talk focusing on product and media design as well as the designer's relationship to the Bronfenbrenner bio-ecological model.

Universal design integration into the Jim Crow Museum Museum 'Achieving Despite Resistance' animation series. (with Susan Bonner, Professor of Digital Art and Design at KCAD of FSU) 

A Demonstration of Design Methodologies for creating Accessible and universal Games.

Specific methods for integrating universal design into educational games. 

Inspiration and methods for applying universal and inclusive design to instructional media aimed at the k-12 population.