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These are sources that can be contracted to perform accessibility assessment, training and production. They also contain many free and helpful tips on their websites:

Recent Broadband Internet Speed Reports

According to the Federal Communications Commission’s 2018 broadband report, nearly 31% of Americans living in rural areas lack access to home internet speeds over 25 Mbps. This data rate will limit the access of all devices in the household simultaneously.

According to a report from consumer research site BroadbandNow, 16 states have average internet speeds above 20 Mbps, but below 30 Mbps, while 36 states have average speeds less than 40 Mbps.

Nearly 25 million people are still living with home internet speeds below 25 Mbps in rural areas alone, with over 19 million of those living in hard-to-reach rural areas. Bringing high-speed internet to places that don’t have it is incredibly expensive. in early 2019, the U.S. Department of Agriculture introduced a $600 million pilot program to bring broadband (defined as 25 Mbps download speeds) to areas that don’t have it already. The FCC estimates $40 billion would be needed to bring broadband to 98% of Americans. And to close that final 2% gap? Another $40 billion.