[Author: Bill Fischer]


Frail, out of touch, demented, technologically challenged, resistant to change. These are just some of the ways mainstream media enjoys portraying the elderly. Some alternatives might be; wise, experienced, engaged, leading, and valued. These are more appropriate, less demeaning and even more interesting, And, they respect humans of "a certain age". On the flip side we have the irresponsible, overly emotional, clueless youth. It's a wonder that they are able to juggle six school subjects, buses, extracurricular activities, personal interests and family obligations. But they can. And, that makes them amazing. Let's make our media an "all ages" celebration.

An Example Web Banner

This photograph celebrates the joy of intergenerational connectedness. In the media we create, we can choose to model the world we wish to live in.

A young boy is showing an old man how to use a digital tablet by guiding his finger.

An Example Historical Event Poster Image

Retro Style makes old cool. And, it's never out of fashion because old never gets old. I think retro objects with human characteristics are great stand ins for the senior class.

A front view of an old car with a lot of personality. It has the word boss overlaid in front of it.

An Example Animation

This screen capture from an educational, children's animation depicts an age-diverse (and body diverse) set of engaged activists supporting a political candidate. It's from the 'We The People" series created as part of The EPIC Project at KCAD.

a group of supporters, from young to old, actively demonstrating their support with cheers and signs.