I See U

Inclusive • Socio-Emotional • Entertaining • Universal

A Production Design Framework For Informational & Educational Media, Available for free to help media creators move audiences beyond reaction to action.

We are also available for consulting, design, and art services. (contact lead.bill.fischer@gmail.com)

Inquiries for working with our art and design college (KCAD) through the The EPIC Project start here: info@epicsite.org


I. S.E.E. U. by L.E.A.D. is a design framework developed to help designers create educational and informational media move users and audiences beyond reaction to action. It's based on lessons learned from an imperfect journey of over 40 years of professional design experience as well as the work performed by our talented team of KCAD (Kendall College of Art and Design) students, faculty, and collaborators as part of the EPIC Project.

About The EPIC Project

Through The EPIC Project at KCAD, we have collaborated with experts in universal design, neurodiversity, education, entertainment media, and minorities in media to explore, develop and test digital and physical products. That action has included maximizing information retention, increasing empathy towards disenfranchised populations, taking steps to seek to improve one's mental health and improving attentiveness through joyful learning. Our projects are research driven and executed by collaborative teams of experts and end-users. We leverage brain science concepts and the knowledge we have acquired through the execution of 40 projects that have been engaged by over 70,000 people.

Introduction To The I. S.E.E. U. Framework

1-Intro-I. S.E.E. U.