I-See-U Overview Presentation

[Author: Bill Fischer]

I-See-U is a Production Design Framework For Informational & Educational Media that supports responsible design citizenship. It is an acronym that means Inclusive, Socio-Emotional, Entertaining, and Universal.

I-See-U by L.E.A.D. is based on lessons learned from a combined 80 years years of professional design experience, the study of current best practices and, extensive user-testing of innovative media created by our talented team of KCAD (Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University) students, faculty, and collaborators as part of The EPIC Project at KCAD (external link).


Use this slideshow to present an overview of the I-See-U framework to your class or group.

About-I. S.E.E. U.

Authors: Bill Fischer & Susan Bonner • Download a Powerpoint version of this presentation