Entertainment Design Presentation

Applying these entertainment-based strategies will ensure attentiveness and compel audiences and users to lean-in to the content. [Author: Bill Fischer]

Compete With Pop-Culture

  • Use production methods and genres, such as animation, live-action video and games, that can compete with entertainment media in popular culture.

Build Expectations

  • Include a brief, early introduction to the material that sets the overall emotional tone and builds expectations.

  • This will create a dynamic 'expected experience' that will blend with the 'actual experience' to create a more engaging 'perceived experience'.

Maintain Anticipation

  • Maintain an anticipatory state in the user or audience by creating ongoing new and novel experiences through variety in production styles, narrative surprises, achievements and novel interactivity.

Write To The Audience

  • Create content narratives written from or to the point of view of the target audience.


Use this Slideshow to present a summary version of the Entertainment Design framework to your class or group.

4-entertainment-I. S.E.E. U.

Authors: Bill Fischer & Susan Bonner