Bill Fischer and his collective team can provide a variety of speaking and contract services that are customized for your needs. Contact Bill for a planning meeting:


Bill is available for speaking and presenting on the topics of inclusive, socio-emotional, entertaining, and universal art and design as well as design citizenship.

Planned (2022) Sessions

UDL-IRN 2022 Summit (external link): Moving Beyond Accessible and Towards Universal Interaction Design. The presentation will provide inspiration and methods for applying universal and inclusive design to instructional media aimed at the k-12 population. Instructional designers will have an opportunity to have their media reviewed and analyzed for efficacy as defined by the I-See-U blueprint.

Serious Play 2022 Conference (external link): In this demo, you will see examples of specific methods for integrating accessible and universal design into games. These methods include integrations for multiple modes of access, accessible navigation, audio cues, audio descriptions, feedback loops, captions, cognitive load management, and universal color. But most importantly, you'll see how to integrate all of these seamlessly so that both disabled and fully-abled persons can benefit and play together. The demo will be available as a (free) download.

Selected (2021) Sessions

World Interaction Design Day (external link): Moving Beyond Accessible and Towards Universal Interaction Design. The presentation provided inspiration and methods for transforming accessible design from a quantitative-box-ticking-conformance-driven 'duty' to a passionate commitment towards making media better for everyone through Universal Design. Building a common commitment from the interaction design community to share knowledge in this arena is job-1.

Serious Play Conference (external link): Legal requirements for accessibility as they apply to state and federally funded games and the important differences between accessible and universal design. Tools for measuring compliance were reviewed. and methods for creating accessible games were outlined.

Hatched Education Innovation Conference (external link): Universal design integration into the Jim Crow Museum Museum 'Achieving Despite Resistance' animation series. Methods presented included integrated captions, audio story-telling for the sight-impaired, low cognitive load pacing, and color-blind light-sensitive friendly color schemes, all packaged in a highly entertaining and impactful production.

Hands-on Engagement

The I-See-U collective team can provide consulting, training, research, and design production services. We are a multimedia design collective that integrates inclusive, socio-emotional, entertaining, and universal design principles, to move people, society, and culture beyond reaction to action. We are innovators in educational and informational media.

Engagement Types

  • Project-based

  • Operations-based

  • Remote

  • On-site

Media Types

  • Video, animation, and games

  • Web, apps, AR, VR

  • Print media

  • Digital Presentation

Expertise Available

  • Accessible & inclusive design

  • Attention and retention optimization

  • Universal design for learning

  • Instructional design strategies

Services Provided

  • Consulting

  • Training

  • Team member

  • Turnkey media production


Bill, along with his collective team, has assembled and led collaborative teams to create media with and for these organizations.